CallnRoam is a whole new way of looking at and managing your money in today’s global, mobile world. In short, we are the world leader in prepaid services. From calling cards and mobile top-ups to international bill payments, now CallnRoam lets you manage all your transactions on a one-stop portal. Access your funds anytime, anywhere through CallnRoam. No red tape. No delays.What’s more, whether you’re a distributor, reseller, vendor or consumer, CallnRoam offers rebates and commissions every time you or your customers use our services. So whether you’re a distributor supplying prepaid calling plans to resellers, a merchant offering mCommerce convenience to your customers or a consumer paying bills internationally, you don’t just spend money on CallnRoam. You make money, too.
When you set up businesses and individuals to sell or use CallnRoam products and services, you bring them into our unique channel sales network. Your clients immediately get to set up accounts for others, too. You begin making commission not just on your own sales but theirs as well, letting you build considerable residual income through your downline network. What’s more, you’re free to negotiate your clients’ share of commissions directly, giving you tremendous flexibility to offer each of them the most attractive deal. Every time they or one of their customers does business through CallnRoam, everyone makes money.And of course, CallnRoam’s unparalleled cloud of direct and partner services guarantees that whatever your clients need—from calling cards to mobile top-up to phone connections—you’ll have a product to meet that need at the best price.
Tired of paying processing fees to your merchant services provider? What if the fees were paid to you, instead? That is exactly the situation when your customers settle up through CallnRoam. Whether it’s prepaid gift cards, mobile top-ups or mCommerce transactions, you’re the one who makes the commission, not the other way around. That’s how much we value our merchant network.In fact, you can even build residual income when your customers set up CallnRoam accounts for others, too. Now you can make money even when you aren’t at the store.
From calling cards to mobile bill-pay, CallnRoam has a transaction service you can use today. Our prepaid Inwallet services give you one-stop access to an array of domestic and international communications through a single account. You decide when you need what services, and how much to keep in your account. Our ever-expanding partner network continually adds new pay-per-use Outwallet services to simplify your finances—all through a single portal you can access anywhere, anytime.Better yet, every time you pay through CallnRoam, you make money back by sharing commission with whoever set up your account. And best of all, CallnRoam lets you set up others’ accounts, too. No costly setup, nothing to buy. Friends, family, classmates—you make residual income every time they use CallnRoam.Tired of sitting and waiting for the phone to ring? Start getting paid instead!